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Outdoor Plant Shelves and Different Options Available

outdoor plant ideas

Plants are the best addition to the home design in both the outdoors and indoors, but getting the right plant shelf is something challenging and it is important to know how you can find the perfect outdoor plant shelves for your garden. The plant shelves are made using different types of materials but the most common materials are wicker, resin, plastic, metal, wooden or wrought iron. The shelves to buy should not be just a matter or the design and you have also to consider functionality of the stand materials. The materials have to be able to withstand the environmental factors like heat, rain, snow and wind. The shelves made in the outdoors materials like wrought iron and wood are considered to be more effective compared to glass or plastic. For indoor plants, any material can be used as far as it fits into the personal indoor environment.

While looking for the outdoor plant shelves, you have to think about the weight of plants you want to grow. Resin and plastic shelves are known to crack down under the burden of the excessive weight. The floating shelves are called like this since they look as if they are floating on the wall and they give an impression that they are unattached by hinges and screws. The fixed brackets shelving uses visible pins and nails and they may be seen easily. Free standing shelves are good for the storage or display purposes.

Because they are portable and durable, they may be put in any place. Top hung shelves are used in the classrooms and storerooms to display and to store items. They have a metal section which is mounted at the wall but they are only suitable to be used on heavy walls. The corner shelves is the best way that you can put up the plants and it will not take too much of the space. You can put them in the corner or other areas where you cannot access easily.

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